'Wonderful, both sad and inspirational. I sincerely wish there wasn't a glass ceiling, but at least having Megan Beech to throw stones at it seems some compensation!'

Professor Mary Beard

'Megan Beech is one of the powerful voices of young feminism today - giving a voice to a new generation of women growing up, examining the status quo and finding it wanting.'

Laura Bates 

'Beyond honoured to be namechecked in this fantastic #womenwhospit film [...] More power to your elbow, Megan (and your tongue!)'

Lauren Laverne


'When I Grow Up I Want to Be Mary Beard, by student slam-poet sensation Megan Beech, is a vibrant and exciting exploration of gender inequality, modern feminism and what it means to be a young woman in the 21st century.'

The Guardian

'The Voice of Youth.

A modern day feminist icon you need to know about.'

The Evening Standard

'All hail the power that is Megan Beech! She is by far the strongest female freestyler I have ever had the infinite pleasure to witness, she responds so quickly and energetically to an idea that it leaves a person breathless. '

Joelle Taylor,The Poetry Society






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